Laszlo Lipot's Multimedia Design and Technology Education Modules

All the work on the and web sites has been written and created by me, Laszlo Lipot. I am making my Multimedia Design and Technology Education resources available for all to download free of charge. Terms and conditions apply.

My D&T resources consist of:

  1. HTML web pages with embedded images and swf Flash animations. (You will need Flash Player installed and enabled on your PC or handheld device to view the animations.) See info about viewing Flash animations on your computer.

  2. PDF versions of D&T theory and exercises.

Module contents and description Download links

Mechanisms Module

Download the Mechanisms Module V4

Plastics Module

Download the Plastics Module V2

Safety Module

Download Safety Module V4

Design Development Module (more resources to be added)

Download the Design Development Module

Tools Module

Download the Tools Module V4

Wood Joints Module

Download the Wood Joints Module

Structures Module

Download the Structures Module V2

Moral issues in Design and Technology

Download Moral Issues In D&T

Cultural issues in Design and Technology


Environmantal issues in Design and Technology


KS3 Design and Technology superseded by the D&T Modules

No longer available to download


PDF Resources

If you need a teaching resource quickly, simply click on a link below, save the PDF, print it and duplicate it for your students.

PDF resources from the Mechanisms Module PDF resources by Laszlo Lipot

PDF Mechanisms Theory


PDF Mechanisms Exercises

Mechanisms module lead-in exercise


Mechanisms module lead-in exercise

Mechanical Systems


Types of motion exercise



Gear calculations

Chain and sprocket


Mechanisms systems exercises



Moments exercises

Crank and slider


Identifying types of levers in products

Friction, lubrication and bearings


Bicycle brake lever

Coefficient of friction


Paper punch



Door handle mechanism



Food mixer mechanism



Electric toothbrush mechanism



Pedal bin mechanism

Motion types


Fret saw parallel arm mechanism



Fret saw parallel link arm mechanism



Fret saw C-arm mechanism



Scissor Lift



Swinging display



Waving display



Swimming display


PDF resources from the Plastics Module PDF resources by Laszlo Lipot

PDF Plastics Theory


PDF Plastics Exercises

Plastics Module Rationale


Toothbrush rack - Line bending DMA

Plastics: Introduction


Picture holder - Line bending DMA

Polymer composites


Egg holder - Line bending DMA

Formulae of common polymers


CD rack - Line bending DMA

Properties of common polymers


Display stand - Line bending DMA

Plastic processing temperatures


Leaflet stand - Line bending DMA

Recycling plastics


Desk tidy - Line bending DMA

Polymers leaching harmful chemicals


Sticky tape holder - Line bending DMA



Sun glasses - Line bending DMA



Remote controlled car - Vac forming DMA

Abbreviations of names of polymers


Snack tray - Vacuum forming DMA

Blown film


Bedroom door buzzer - Vac. forming DMA



New design for a tong or clip - DMA

Compression moulding DMC


Compression moulding a ball bearing game - focused p.t.

Compression moulding SMC


Plastic memory pendant - focused p.t.

Compression moulding thermoplastics


Dip coating - focused practical task

Expanded polystyrene


Hot wire cutting DMA - Polystyrene sign

Extrusion blow moulding


Funny face festive decoration

Filament Winding


Making plastic bottles - questions

Glass reinforced plastic GRP


Children's plastic tableware - questions

Hot wire cutting


Plastics crossword

Injection moulding



Injection blow moulding



Injection moulding - gas assisted



Line bending



Plastic Memory



Plastic coating



Pultrusion process



Resin casting and encapsulation



Resin transfer moulding



Rotational moulding



Vacuum forming




PDF resources from the Safety Module PDF resources by Laszlo Lipot

PDF Safety and Risk Assessment Theory


PDF Safety and Risk Assessment Exercises

Learning Objectives


Emergency stop buttons

Safety in Design and Technology


Safety procedure for centre lathes

Safety Rules


Safety procedure for fret saws

Polymers leaching chemicals


Safety procedure for sanders

Damage tolerance


Safety procedure for wood turning

Factor of safety


Drilling machine hazards



Safety signs flash cards



Hazard warning signs



Material safety



Risk assessment exercises



Identify the hazards


PDF resources from the Design Development Module PDF resources by Laszlo Lipot

PDF Design Development Theory


PDF Design Development Exercises

Iterative design development


Developing a hazy idea for a candle holder into a detailed design

Design development explained


Developing a hazy idea for a jewellery box into a detailed design



Developing a hazy idea for a toothbrush holder







Developing a design for a sign holder



Developing a better chair frame design


PDF resources from the Wood Joints Module PDF resources by Laszlo Lipot

PDF Wood Joints Theory   PDF Wood Joints Exercises

How to use the Wood Joints Module interactive tests


Wood joints start of module test



Wood joints end of module test



Making a cross halving joint focused practical task



Cross halving joint focused practical task lesson plan



Making a mortice and tenon joint focused practical task



Mortice and tenon joint focused practical task lesson plan


PDF resources: metal casting PDF resources by Laszlo Lipot

PDF Metal Casting Theory


PDF Metal Casting Exercises

Hot chamber die casting