Laszlo Lipot's Multimedia Design and Technology Education Modules

All the work on the and web sites has been written and created by me, Laszlo Lipot. I am making my Multimedia Design and Technology Education resources available for all to download free of charge. Terms and conditions apply.

The D&T resources consist of:

  1. HTML web pages with embedded images and swf Flash animations. (You will need Flash Player installed on your PC or handheld device to view the animations.)
  2. PDF versions of D&T theory and exercises

Any of Laszlo Lipot's design and technology resources that show the "download and use" permission sign below may be downloaded and used free of charge.

Copyright Laszlo Lipot: "download and use permission".


Laszlo Lipot

Laszlo Lipot

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Design and Technology Modules

Iterative design development Design development module

Design Development Module

Students are taught how to develop simple designs into a clear and detailed plans using multimedia.
Site Licence: Free

Mechanisms Animations logo

Mechanisms Module with interactive tests

Mechanisms technology theory, animations, exercises and interactive tests. Excellent resource for KS3 and GCSE. Site Licence: Free

Plastics Module Plastics Module

Plastics Module

Plastics technology theory, animations and exercises involving plastics processes.
Site Licence: Free

Tools_Module Tools Module

Tools Module with interactive tests

3 packages in one bundle -
1) Measuring and Marking Out Tools, 2) Hand Tools 3) Machine Tools. Animations, interactive tests and exercises. Site Licence: Free

Safety Module logo Safety module

Safety Module

Comprehensive safety package covering all aspects of safety and risk assessment in D&T.
Site Licence: Free

Wood Joints logo Link to the wood joints module directory

Wood Joints Module with interactive tests

Tests and animations of 20 of the commonly used wood joints. An Assessment for Learning resource.
Site Licence: Free

Structures Notes Animations and Exercises logo Link to Structures Module Directory

Structures Module: comprehensive structures package, includes text, photographs and animations of structures explaining structures theory.
Site Licence: Free

KS3 Design and Technology: .NO LONGER AVAILABLE. Now superseded by the D&T Modules shown above.