Tools Module: three animation packages in one, plus interactive tests

The Tools Module helps students learn the names and uses of 125+ tools used in Design and Technology.

The Tools Module consists of measuring and marking out tools animations, hand tools animations, machine tools animations, interactive tests and digital exercises. The interative tests consist of multiple choice tests and tests with input fields. The digital exercises can be completed on a computer then printed so that students and teachers have a hard copy for their records.

Tools Module teaches students about 125+ D&T hand tools and machine tools  

Tools Module contains animations of over 120 D&T tools and interactive tests that help students learn.

Marking out tools animations
Measuring tools animations
Hand tools animations

Machine tools animations:

Computer numerically controlled machines (CNC)
Drilling machines
Polishing and grinding
Centre lathe
Wood lathe
Milling machines
Planer thicknesser
Power router
Clamps by Stanley Tools


Interactive test: Measuring & marking out
Interactive test: Hand tools
Machine tools interactive test, multiple choice
with answer sheet   without answer sheet
Machine tools interactive test with input fields
with answer sheet   without answer sheet
Drills and bits
Hammers and chisels
Planes and spokeshaves
Sanders and grinders
Screw cutting
Wood machines
Machine tools exercises
Marking out and cutting a tenon joint
Product analysis: a mug tree

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