Plastics Module

Laszlo Lipot's Plastics Module is a complete package that includes:

To make teaching easier, the technology theory notes and exercises are in digital format, making them suitable for computers and whiteboards; and in PDF format, that make the A4 theory notes and worksheets easy to print and duplicate .

Plastics Module Contents:

Plastics notes and animations



  • Line bending DMA - Toothbrush rack
  • Line bending DMA - Picture holder
  • Line bending DMA - Egg holder
  • Line bending DMA - CD rack
  • Line bending DMA - Display stand
  • Line bending DMA - Leaflet stand
  • Line bending DMA - Desk tidy
  • Line bending DMA - Sticky tape holder
  • Line bending DMA - Sun glasses
  • Vac forming DMA - Remote controlled car
  • Vacuum forming DMA - Snack tray
  • Vac. forming DMA - Bedroom door buzzer
  • DMA - New design for a tong or clip
  • Compression Moulding - focused p.t.
  • Plastic memory pendant - focused p.t.
  • Dip coating - focused practical task
  • Hot wire cutting DMA - Polystyrene sign
  • Funny face festive decoration
  • Making plastic bottles - questions
  • Children's plastic tableware - questions
  • Plastics crossword.
Multimedia D&T Education PDF Multimedia D&T Education PDF

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