Plastic / Polymer



Polymethyl methacrylate (acrylic) also known as perspex and plexiglas

Available as sheets and rods, clear and coloured.

Examples of use: machine guards, safety screens, display stands, boat windows and hatches, jewellery, signs.

Polyvinyl chloride

Non biodegradable, leeches harmful chemicals.

Examples of use: garden furniture, binders, pens, cling film, buckets, guttering, plastic pipes, window frames, doors, toys, imitation leather, rain coats, bags.


Available as sheets, rods and extruded sections.
Very light, 1/6th the weight of glass. Very tough.

Examples of use: Bullet proof windows, clear roofing, CDs, DVDs, spectacle lenses.


Chemical resistant, tough with good impact strength

Examples of use: automobile instrument panels, radiator grills, fittings for construction industry, pipes, sewing machines, boats, mobile homes, computers, radios, TVs, telephones.

Polyethylene terephthalate copolymer

Available as sheets and extruded sections. Stronger than acrylic, less strong than polycarbonate.

Examples of use: medical, electronic and food packaging, packaging for soft drinks, bottled water, fruit-based beverages and iced teas. 


Available in sheet and extruded sections.

Examples of use: disposable cutlery, plastic model cars, toys, CD and DVD cases, cases for electronic products, rulers, combs.
Also used as expanded polystyrene, for packaging, insulation, composite with concrete.

High-density polyethylene

Relatively high strength, tough, flexible, has the ability to "relax" under stress.

Examples of use: wood-plastic composites, blow moulded hollow goods, garden furniture, automobile fuel tanks, drums, underground pipes, flexible packaging, household goods.


Resistant to most forms of physical damage, including impact and freezing, resistant to corrosion and chemical leaching. May be joined by heat fusion.

Its resistance to fatigue enables it to be used for flexible (living) hinges.

Examples of use: moulded products, bottles, insulation for electric cables, stationary folders.
Flip-top bottles, cases and boxes. (See examples)

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