Mechanisms Module

Laszlo Lipot's Mechanisms Module consists of theory notes, animations and exercises that help students learn about mechanisms and mechanical systems. The resources are in HTML and PDF format.

Printable PDF mechanisms theory and exercises

Click here to see a bank of mechanisms theory and exercises in PDF format.

Interactive tests

The Mechanisms Module has two sets of tests each with 100 questions, with feedback, score and start over buttons. The multiple choice test is useful as a start of module test so that students and teachers can assess the level of current knowledge.

The multiple choice test (start of module test) the test gives students feedback and a score for each of their answers.

The interactive test with input fields for students to fill in; it gives students feedback and a score for each of their answers.

Using the mechanisms module tests and how to record student scores

Animations and technology theory in the Mechanisms Module

Exercises in HTML and PDF format in the Mechanisms Module

Understanding mechanisms exercises

Product analysis exercises

Problem solving exercises

Learning Objectives

Students will learn that: 


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