Viewing Flash animations

Some browsers prevent Flash animations from playing automatically. You will need a Flash Player activated in order to view the Flash animations on this website and in the Design and Technology Modules.

Flash Player is used on millions of devices to play rich multimedia content and as such it has attracted the attention of hackers. Adobe provides regular software updates to its Flash Player that address Flash Player vulnerabilities.

If you want to play Flash animations and be sure that hackers cannot access your content through Flash Player simply load the software onto a computer that is never connected to the internet, e.g. an older computer that you only use for playing software containing Flash animations.

An image showing the Flash animation logo SWF Flash logo is a link to a Flash animation.

Flash animations are embedded into the pages of all my D&T Modules but there are pictorial links to the animations on this web site so that devices that cannot play Flash animations will at least show a jpeg screenshot of the animation.

If your PC or personal digital assistant (PDA) can play Flash animations you may click on an image showing the Flash animation logo SWF Flash logo to view the animation in a new window.
(Your browser may require you to click "Allow Blocked Content" to view the animation).

Intenet Explorer will play Flash animations. (You may have to click on "Allow Blocked Content")

Google Chrome does not play Flash animations automatically but gives instructions how to active Flash Player: