Learning Objective

Students should learn the common safety signs found in Design and Technology workshops.


Repeated exposure to safety signs in the workshop, the MD&TE safety signs flash animation and the printable PDF safety signs flash cards. (Suggestion: print the PDF flash cards onto card and laminate the cards with plastic film.)


Safety signs often have written descriptions as well as a graphic, e.g. see the signs below.

Protective clothing
Fire extinguisher sign
Do not remove guards sign
Caution sign  

This is a caution and warning sign.

The sign usually has a description of the hazard or the warning, e.g. Warning , Trip Hazard or Caution, Trip Hazard; Danger, Moving Machinery.

Mandatory sign  

This is a mandatory sign.

Mandatory means that the instructions on the sign must be obeyed. The sign usually has a graphic and an instruction, e.g. the mandatory "Protective clothing must be worn in this area" sign above.

Prohibited sign  

This is a prohibited sign.

The sign usually has a graphic inside the prohibited sign and an instruction below the sign; see opposite

Ball Games Prohibited sign
Safe condition sign  

Green signs are safe condition signs.

The example on the left means that the water is safe to drink.

Safety Sign Flash Cards

To learn about more signs commonly found in a Design and Technology workshop, view the Flash animation below. Pass your cursor over the sign to view its meaning.

Safety sign flash cards
Click on the screenshot above to view the "Safety Signs Flash Card" animation by Laszlo Lipot

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Click here to go to Safety in Design and Technology # Hazard Warnings and Instructions

Click here to view the PDF version of this resource. MDTE PDF Safety Signs Flash Cards PDF
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