Iterative design development

This design exercise will develop your iterative designing capability.

Iterative design development is the process of analysing, evaluating and modifying designs, then repeating the process until a suitable design is found.

You will start with a hazy idea for a sign and sign holder and develop the idea into a clear and detailed design.

Iterative design development

Sign holder
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Design Development

An idea for a sign and sign holder is illustrated above.

The design is still only a "hazy impression" of what could be because there are lots of things about the design that are still uncertain, e.g.

These are some of the questions that need to be answered. There will be others.

What you have to do

Draw the design of the sign and sign holder shown in the animation above.

Develop the design so that all problems are solved and you have a design that could be made. Use notes and sketches to record your ideas as they develop. Your modified design must have sufficient detail and information on it for someone to be able to make the sign and sign holder without needing extra information from you.

Your final design must be drawn to scale using orthographic projection.


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