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A frame structure is an arrangement of parts that have been fixed together to form a framework. The framework may consist of beams, cantilevers, struts and ties. The frame structure may be designed to resist compression forces, tension or tensile forces, torsion forces, bending forces or any combination of these forces.

The beams, cantilevers, struts and ties may be positioned vertically, horizontally or diagonally; they may be straight or curved and may be made in any resistant material.

Frame structures may be used to:

  • carry loads, e.g. a shopping trolley
  • hold other parts together, e.g. a bicycle frame
  • form barriers, e.g. a wrought iron fence
  • reinforce shell structures, e.g. frames and stringers welded to a steel yacht hull
  • support fabric and other covering material, e.g. a framed tent

The strength of a structure depends on many things, including:

  • the design of the structure
  • the type of materials used in the structure
  • the size of the materials used in the structure
  • the way that parts of the structure are fixed together.
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