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Boris features in our new Safety Module: Safety and Risk Assessment in D&T.

Stages in the design process are hyperlinked to sections of the KS3 D&T software.

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D&T Animations

We use animations to describe D&T tools, concepts and processes. Take a look at the Coat Hook focused practical task (FPT)

Technology is made clearer using animations.

Hand Tools worksheet

Design Development Module

This essential package should be used by everyone teaching or learning a design and technology course. It describes in detail how to develop a hazy idea into a detailed design.

Students are guaranteed top marks for design development in any test or exam if they apply the information in this package to their design work.

Safety in D&T

Start the term by teaching design and technology safety.

Safety and Risk Assessment Module

Order our Safety and Risk Assessment Module, it is a comprehensive safety package covering all aspects of safety in D&T. Single User Licence £20; Site Licence £40

Design and Technology theory, animations and interactive tests

Design and technology animations are at the core of our software products. We use animations to explain technology, designing and making processes, to introduce design assignments, in fact wherever we think that animations will help students to learn.

Try our mechanisms interactive tests


Design Development Module

Students are taught how to develop simple designs into a clear and detailed plans using multimedia.
Site Licence only £20

Mechanisms Animations logo Link to Plastics Notes and Animations software description

Mechanisms Module with interactive tests

Mechanisms technology theory, animations, exercises and interactive tests. Excellent resource for KS3 and GCSE.
From £30

Plastics Module Plastics Module

Plastics Module

Plastics technology theory, animations and exercises involving plastics processes.
From £30


Tools Module with interactive tests

3 packages in one bundle -
1) Measuring and Marking Out Tools, 2) Hand Tools 3) Machine Tools. Animations, interactive tests and exercises.
From £30

Safety Module logo Safety and Risk Assessment Module

Safety and Risk Assessment Module

Safety and Risk Assessment Module: Comprehensive safety package covering all aspects of safety in D&T.
From £20

Wood Joints logo Link to the Wood Joints animation description

Wood Joints Module with interactive tests

Tests and animations of 20 of the commonly used wood joints. An Assessment for Learning resource.
From £20

KS3 Design and Technology: Massive software package of D&T theory notes, animations and exercises. Suitable for KS3 and KS4.
From £40 Click here for details

Link to Design and Resistant Materials Technology software description KS4 Design and Resistant Materials Technology:
Our oldest package but still excellent value for all the D&T notes, animations and exercises.
From £30 Click here for details

We also offer elements of the KS3 Design and Technology software in 2 separate packages.

Graphics logo Link to Graphics software description Graphics and Design Development: animations of graphic techniques and design basics. (Part of KS3 D&T and KS4 D&RMT)
From £15 Click here for details
Structures Notes Animations and Exercises logo Link to Structures software description Structures Design and Technology: comprehensive structures package, includes text, photographs and animations of structures explaining structures theory.
(Part of KS3 D&T) From £30 Click here for details