By law, schools must ensure the safety of everyone on the school premises. Responsibility is normally delegated by the Head Teacher to Heads of Departments, who in turn delegate some responsibility to subject teachers and others. It is the legal responsibility of all responsible for students in D&T areas to ensure that:

The objective is to keep everyone in Design and Technology rooms safe, including students, teachers, technicians, cleaners and other visitors to D&T departmental areas.

Students learning design and technology are often exposed to potentially dangerous tools, equipment, processes and environments. As part of their learning, students must be taught to identify hazards, to assess the potential risks to health and safety and to take action to minimise or eliminate the risks.

It is recognised that students are individuals with different learning needs and abilities. As a minimum, it is expected that all students should know and obey basic workshop safety rules.

Learning objectives

The learning objectives are that students will:


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