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Project Description

This is a structured Design and Make Assignment (DMA) in the context of "signs". It is suitable for KS3 and KS4 design and technology students and is an ideal KS4 major project. The supporting material is also suitable for DMAs in other contexts.

Buy the DMA on its own or buy our KS3 Design and Technology software which includes the Signs DMA. View contents of the PDF Signs DMA project guide.


The DMA is a complete package that consists of:

  • step by step instructions for each stage of designing and planning for making
  • links to relevant topics in the KS3 D&T software
  • links to animations:
    • designing by addition, wastage, reforming, bending, rearrangement, (demo opposite)
    • rotating signs
    • sign and sign holder
    • lettering on signs

The Signs DMA package also contains 19 design development exercises, with PDF versions for easy photocopying and a 69 page PDF Signs DMA project guide.

The project support material covers:

The PDF Signs DMA project guide also gives detailed information about the design process, design development, researching information and other topics that will help students work more independently through this assignment. View details of the support material in the PDF Signs DMA project guide.

Signs DMA: included in KS3 D&T software package

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