Safety and Risk Assessment in D&T: Product description

Our new safety module covers a broad range of safety issues in D&T in an engaging and learner friendly way.
The package contains safety resources that include:

  • HTML safety notes and exercises for use with computers and VLEs
  • animations of hazardous situations, personal protective equipment (PPE) etc.
  • animated flash cards of safety signs
  • risk assessment exercises
  • PDF versions of all notes and exercises for easy printing of booklets and worksheets, including:
    • 12 page safety booklet
    • 10 safety exercises
    • 6 pages of risk assessment exercises
    • 26 page safety sign booklet that can be cut, laminated and turned into safety sign flash cards
    • safety related technology, including, damage tolerance, loads, forces, factor of safety.

Safety and Risk Assessment in Design and Technology covers:

  • a description of safety legislation and safety law and how it applies to schools
  • designers’ safety responsibility
  • students' safety responsibility
  • personal protective equipment (PPE), including examples of PPE requirements in various situations
  • risk assessments
  • safety rules and defined procedures
  • hazard warnings and instructions
  • safe materials
  • safe storage of materials
  • safe storage of tools
  • tool safety
  • safety features on tools
  • safe working practices
  • safe working area
  • product safety, including product safety legislation

also included:

  • basic workshop safety rules
  • damage tolerance
  • loads
  • forces
  • factor of safety
  • 10 safety exercises which include risk assessments of 62 situations.

Learning objectives

The learning objectives are that students will:

  • recognise hazards in a D&T workshop environment
  • respond appropriately to safety rules, signs and other safety instructions
  • report hazards and where appropriate to assess the risks and take action to minimise or eliminate any risks to health and safety
  • be able to carry out risk assessments of D&T tools, processes and environments.
  • be able to recall knowledge of safety rules and risk assessments for tests and examinations.



Download links will be emailed to you/your school within 24 hours of receipt of your order.

The Safety and Risk Assessment in D&T package is available with a Single User Licence for use at home on a stand-alone PC, and with a Site Licence for use in schools and colleges.


Safety and Risk Assessment in D&T Module formats

The Safety and Risk Assessment Module is supplied as either:

  • Windows installer version. This is the most commonly used format for use with computers and computer networks.
  • File format for use with Apple Macs. (See information about using our software with Apple Macs)

Order the Safety and Risk Assessment in D&T Module

Single User Licence - £20 / School Site Licence - £40

Download links will be emailed to you/your school within 24 hours of receipt of your order.

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