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Using our software with Apple Macs

Our software consist of HTML pages that can be viewed on any computer that is capable of viewing a web page.

However, our installer software only installs our D&T software onto IBM compatible computers, i.e. not Apple Macs.

The Good News

To use our software on Apple Macs:

Using the software from a CD

When ordering the software, tell us that you want to use it with a Mac. Ask for the download codes for the CD version of the software that you are interested in. Download the zipped folder, unzip it and copy all the files in the folder onto a CD. The files include autorun files, so your CD should auto start when placed into a CD drive, on Macs as well as PCs.

Using my hyperlinked method (this is great)

This method works exactly as if the software would be installed onto your hard drive but it isn't.

Just place an icon onto your desktop and hyperlink it to the index file in the D&T software folder.

How to do it

Imagine that you wanted to use the KS3 D&T software on an Apple Mac. Firstly, download the CD version of KS3 D&T software, unzip it and place the folder somewhere on your hard drive, e.g. "Drive C".

Next, you need to create a shortcut from your desktop to the "index" file in the KS3_DT_CD folder. With PCs, we simply right-click the mouse and select "New", then "Shortcut". You'll be taken through a couple of steps and a shortcut from your desktop to the index file in the KS3_DT_CD folder will be created on your desktop. (There's probably a similar system with Macs).

That's it.

Changing the default icon

On PCs, an Internet Explorer icon is used by default for the shortcut. However, you can change the shortcut icon to another one by right-clicking on the default icon, selecting "Properties", then "Change Icon" and then selecting another icon.

I'll send you our yellow D&T icon in an email attachment with the software download details. You'll have to drag the icon from the email attachment onto your desktop. Use this to link to the software.

You'll now have an icon on your desktop that links to the index file in the KS3_DT_CD folder. Double click the yellow D&T icon and our D&T software will start just as if it would be installed on your computer.


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