1 Point Perspective Drawing

In 1 point perspective drawing, depth is added to a drawing by taking lines to a single vanishing point.

First, we draw a crate that represents the height, length and width of the object that we want to draw. 

Extra lines are then drawn feintly inside the crate until the shape of our object is complete. We call these feint lines construction lines.

The outline of the object is then drawn darker over the feint construction lines.

Construction lines may be rubbed out using an eraser or if they are very feint, they may be left.  Finally the drawing may be rendered by adding light, shade and colour.

Drawing techniques

I point perspective and other drawing techniques are explained in the design section of Key Stage 3 Design and Technology. The drawing techniques covered are:

  • notes and sketches
  • isometric drawing
  • 1 point perspective drawing
  • 2 point perspective drawing
  • oblique drawing
  • orthographic projection, 1st and 3rd angle
  • parts drawing.

Design basics in our Key Stage 3 Design and Technology software package

All the information KS3 and KS4 students need to develop their designing capability can be found in the KS3 D&T software package, including:

  • line
  • shape
  • proportion
  • use of divine proportion in architecture
  • symmetry
  • form
  • function
  • colour
  • texture
  • movement.

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